I wrote a few patches for different open source products. I publish some of them here. Do with it whatever you want.

Network-integrated multimedia middleware

I haven't work with it for a really long time. Nonetheless, I once wrote a patch to make it work with Matrox (Linux) video drivers and maybe others. This patch adds an IsXVideoAvailable method to XvImg. Furthermore XDisplayNode has been changed to use IsXVideoAvailable and if iXVideo is not available it doesn't provide yuv and yvu input jacks (since they will fail anyway)! This modifications are necessary to convince NMM to play video on an display/screen without Xv (for example the second head of my Matrox G550). Feel free to use it for whatever you want. Anyway, I have no idea if it works with later NMM versions or if it is still needed at all (any hints are welcome!).

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NMM Patch 01 (Video Linux)    0.1 4 kb Download now

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I had quite a lot problems connecting properly to a remote SMTP server. I changed the get_lines function of class.smtp.php and now it works just fine.

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PHPMailer Patch    0.1 4 kb Download now