HP6730 and how to get it quiet

I have just bought a new HP 6730 and after a few hours I was ready to bring it back to my dealer. I never ever had such a noisy laptop before. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, I tried to "fix" it myself by modifiy the ACPI table. Here is what you need to get a silent (but hot!) HP6730 Laptop. It is the easy way to to modify the ACPI table. There are far more complicated ways to that, but this one should be sufficient for most users.

Disclaimer: Whatever you do, you do it at your own risk!

What you need is:
1) Intel iasl utilitly (The iasl utility is a compiler/decompiler for ACPI Source Language and ACPI Machine Language)
2) Microsoft ASL compiler

now, you can try the following to change the fan speeds:

0. Open cmd.exe
1. iasl -d [You just got a new file: dsdt_30E8.dsl]
2. Now open dsdt_30E8.dsl in an editor and search the following lines

        Name (CPFS, Package (0x06)

That are the fan speeds for the different temperature zones in hexadecimal numbers.

0x64 = 100 
0x46 = 70
0x3C = 60
0x32 = 50

You can change the settings to any number between 0x00 (=off) and 0x64 (=100%). I successfully run my sytem with values far below 0x3C (e. g. 0x0A (=10%) and 0x14 (=20%) for the last two temperature zones) Anyway: Please remember that you can seriously damage your system (overheating) with wrong values!

3. Save your modified dsdt_30E8.dsl
4. iasl dsdt_30E8.dsl [You now get a new file DTST.aml]
5. asl /loadtable DTST.aml
6. Restart Windows